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How To Fix Vsmon Issue


What is Wrong with My Computer? aolsoftware.exe then jumped up the list of excessive cpu and seemed to be competing with zonealarm, except when I terminated it explorer locked up as well, terminated explorer, which is always Tip... That causes the memory and CPU usage to raise sky high. http://batteryuniveristy.com/how-to/how-to-fix-vsmon-exe.php

solved PC freezing when playing games or running lots of programs. Steven I have Zone Alarm, vsmon.exe is not dangerous but it uses a lot of ram and cpu!! The_Law it is part of ZAP and EZ Armour, i deleted it on one machine and now the firewall i had (ez armour) won't initialise. a pentium 200 with 16 meg ram can efficiently firewall, wtf is up with using 200 meg memory ??????? https://www.zonealarm.com/forums/showthread.php/61436-vsmon-exe-and-zlclient-exe-high-cpu-How-to-Fix-It

Vsmon High Cpu Usage

Alex its giving me the shits because i cannot delete it whatsoever. JL a part of zonealarm AND E-trust. It uses up my RAM and CPU.

  • The best solution is to change with an other one Denis Runs when Zone Alarm performs a schedule scan, as a result it takes up CPU resources.
  • i guess i'll never find decent free firewall...
  • I>> apologise if this has been answered before but everywhere I've looked>> gives a vague "yes that has happened to me" but no answer to the>> problem.>>>> Thanks>> -- > Mike
  • Snmp.exe is required for your system to remain stable, you should not terminate this process.>>>>>>>(taken from the Google search)Whatever works for you, however, everything I found with a Google search regarding
  • Lard vsmon is an active component of zone alarm firewall and security suite zollo Zone alarm traffic watcher but uses high CPU.

Register Help Remember Me? poopychewp it eats the memory of the cpu and makes ur system run like a tortoise selva Zone Alarm. I've used ZoneAlarm Pro for the last 2 years, updating regularly, and it hasn't been a problem (apart from it always being the last app available when booting up). Ted vsmon appears to be the resident ZA application that monitors the system based upon the rules the user establishes.

All Rights Reserved. Zonealarm RAB (further information) It is part of Zonealarm Security. Anon the file is fine, youre lettting it do a virus scan without knowing it tell it to scan at a time when youre not at your computer - it works his explanation That was your bug-a-boo.

catfoot eats up a lot of CPU time at startup uses lots of Mem and slows every thing down LaJack part of zonealarm, has a horrendous memeory leak. Post navigation ← Free Vs Paid Products On The Internet Can You Add Sub-Domains To Cpanel AddOn Domains? → Leave a Reply Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a Through a variety of... No warning, no input from me, just reboots.


It eats my cpu like 85% WTF? http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/vsmon.exe.html I dont have zone alarm on my computer! Vsmon High Cpu Usage AnonymousJun 30, 2005, 11:12 AM Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?)PeteB,Look in your services and see if you have the service snmp.exe running. They should really take a look at it, its causing my downloads to be slow and not letting me check my gmail with firefox.

Is now sitting there taking up 30MB of precious RAM... http://batteryuniveristy.com/how-to/how-to-resolve-the-ras-issue-in-vista.php Very irritating, had to uninstall ZAP See also: Link ahp I don't mind vsmon doing its thing from time to time. Scr34m3r Zone Alarm file, I dont get this eat's up CPU/ SYSTEM RESOURCE, this must be running a very old spec as i use zone alarm over a number of pc's recomended to get a better less cpu usage firewall illmatic this is a zonelabs file for zonealarm.

solved New PC Running Hot on Rome Total War 2 More resources See also solved PC Crashes When Running Games/Applications in Fullscreen solved My PC Gamer isnĀ“t running almost any games. Just uninstall zonealarm, and activate Windows Firewall! See also: Link WORM_RBOT It asks for permission to connect to the internet when I'm running agnitum outpost firewall. have a peek here Start-up CPU use depends on the size and amount of ZA and system updates.

oldsod February 13th, 2008 #3 promisedplanet Guest Re: vsmon.exe and zlclient.exe high cpu - How to Fix It Check this out for strangeness: I have Tivo Server installed on my PC. Your CPU should drop immediately. I've used ZoneAlarm Pro for the last 2 >> years, updating regularly, and it hasn't been a problem (apart from it >> always being the last app available when booting up).

This was one of the Top Download Picks of The Washington Post and PCWorld.

never used more than 1% when idel Travis I have zonealarm pro so i suppose it comes with it depro Part of ZoneAlarm Security Suite 4daPeace It blows up the CPU Being that you have Great program control, it DOES havce a god anti virus, keep it updated, and it doesnt take much ram to run at all it takes about 3% FabZ Disabling the automatic update function in zone alarm stopped the memory leakage in my machine Leo seems to be on my machine with since i installed sp2 drains on cpu As you kill a service, watch your CPU monitor.

Yes I do have the latest version. I just wanted you to know that I contacted Verizon FiOS Technical Support and they confirmed that, as you said, their Router has protection built-in. Not sure what it do on FF. Check This Out takes a long time(~20min) to do a scan though.

JW vsmon.exe memory leak, i have ZA installed, but its not doing a full virus scan anymore.... People who say it is dangerous are just trying to get you to turn your firewall off. It is NOT, absolutely NOT dagerous if you have ZoneAlarm installed, and is needed for your ZoneAlarm product to function correctly. If you close vsmon.exe your network traffic will stop until you reboot.

It takes, on my win2k PC, a few %cpu when traffic comes along. See also: Link John It uses up your memory. SpaceDolphin Better firewall than Windows. Bizzy If it is not Zone Alarm, it is an incidious virus that controls your browsing; prevents downloading virus and adkiller updates.

True that it hogs RAM and CPU, sometimes the computer is soo slow. Zone Alarm's virus monitoring service is badly broken, and they're not addressing the issue--they're pulling a Microsoft. The drainage started after about 2 years of ZA. HOWEVER, from my own experience it is also possibly used by Virus/Trojan software as some sort of camouflage for an infection.

Also if it crashes (which it does for me) you can no longer surf the web until you reboot. Check where it's running from. qaz If you have Zone Alarm Pro after V5.5.094 you are stuffed, click on my link to their forums. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, and Vista SP2 English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Verlangsamt den Internet - Zugriff Ironeagle Its Part of Zone alarm, if its taking CPU its your problem, spyware etc. See also: Link Mr.G-C vsmon.exe using 320Mb after 2 days - evil darce It is a legitimate file in the repair folder of Zone Labs Integrity Client, this program will never I've used ZoneAlarm Pro for the last 2 > years, updating regularly, and it hasn't been a problem (apart from it > always being the last app available when booting up). After yet another reboot, I did a Google search which showed that this appears to be a common problem and seems to be linked to ZoneAlarm .

CPU usage can peak at times, but this should resolve itself after a few minutes. Anyway; it's current as of 2/1/08 If you have unacceptable CPU utilizationj (it should be unintrusive), first kick off task manager (ctrl/alt/delete, select task manager).

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