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Windows 98 will not shut down when this is running. Programs like this only use alot of memory when something else causes an Unknown Fatal Error that blocks the program from responding. Locks computer, lags startup and overall performance. If this process name is located elsewhere, then it is more than likely to be spyware or a virus with the same name as the legit process. this content

I have hooked the API calls from msctf.dll and found that It hooks the keyboard, mouse and windows shell. Check it out! jj Quicktime is essential if you watch any video online, mostly. I believe in my ase it is used to interfere with my work or backup operations.

Just Me If you remove it from the registry in HKLM Software Microsoft Windows Current Version Run, it will come back after another quicktime video is loaded. BleepingComputer.com will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure. David Jones Just check the file's date stamp to find out when it got into your pc. uses: shortcuts on keyboards...

  1. You just search for ctfmon.exe in Start/Search and delete the files that came up.
  2. Alcy If you are using any of the IME language pack additions to the NT or XP operating systems this will be on your system.
  3. if u right click it then hit properties then the information on it pops up.
  4. Disable it from starting automatically by using a start-up viewing utility or just do it manually by editing the registry.
  5. I found it outside the windows/system32 folder Dan A Can either be part of the language bar, or part of spyware.
  6. Given the extremely simple functionality of this Tray icon, it is in our view an unreasonable resource hog - it has been measured to use as much as 1.5Mb of memory
  7. See also: Link Jeff Ellman - Integration Technologies, Inc Many people confuse the legitimate CTFMON with the trojan CFTMON - make sure you read carefully.
  8. Andy It seems to be standard on HP computers.

M5 Ever since my computer shut down due to blackouts, a Microsoft error dialog box keeps appearing, every time i start the computer, how do i remove this "error" message? :) Gayle Grant Cannot delete from add/remove programs. Even if you later re-enable ctfmon.exe in the msconfig startup list! (Only System Restore can bring it back.) Bill I never noticed it to be a cause of a problem. NormalScience; Webmaster It's a pain to remove the legit one - you have to read the MS knowledge base, just stopping in MSconfig often doesn't work.

blackmamba update photo smart, kill it. ^blackmamba are you ignorent or just working for HP trying to give them a good rep? Spy bot shows it as a virus but in reality was only a windows program running in the background. Method 2: Disable the Process from Loading and System Startup To disable the process, perform the following steps: Go to Start and then select Run. Deleted from running tasks without problems GofM The file "ctfmon.exe" comes into my Task Manager everytime I open it up.

Per It's the tray icon of Apple's Quick Time. But after digging around, I discovered that Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer uses this process too! Run Security Task Manager to check your recguard process 2. Jean-Remy This file allows the user, through HP Photosmart software/program, to access/use the computers SanDisk (SD/SDisk; ) card reader (usually reads any size SanDisk memory card [to allow user to display/view

See also: Link Dazed & Confused Using in XP with no problems. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hphmon05.exe.html Annoying and slows down start up. Gary Rogers - Author Used for logging... I cleaned PC with MS Spyware program and Spybot Search&Destroy.

if you havent specifially chosen to install this or used text services in any of the windows products and you have this then it is most likely spyware. When I stop this file, my system returns to normal functioning. Michael Gadaleta this file comes with the computer when you buy it, it is not a spyware or anything. So you can't kill it easily.

This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for ease of use. Frode If you dont want this process to startup every time u start windows, go to the location of the .exe, right click, click on security tab and deny the permissions. Mike it's always in the background, safe system file usually mike z it is an office file, running backword family keyloger :D probabily Cupydon Not a virus but USELESS process Yarik Jeremy i went to the microsoft sit and it explained how to remove it and what it was; it help's user text imput alough it seems some addware use it for

Paragot its keylogger watch out guys! CKS Office file: not a resource hog, but a process hog. Even renamed it, and another one came up.

while the game is running, if i kill those 2 processes then my frames return to their normal rate.

type msconfig & under startup uncheck qttask. D-t-R This file is only dangerous if it is found anywhere else other than C:\windows\prefetch or system32. so this is cleary not the one. when i first saw it i thought to myself "there's a jamacan capture the flag game going on in my computer!?" It is separatly closed by windows task manager while you

Those with lag issues most likely do not have speech/handwriting enabled or something similar. Tim This file is NOT dangerous, it is 100% safe. Changes can still be made while this process is running. The file on my system is only 13k bytes in size but uses 444 kbytes when running.

Security Rating: --- don't know --- 1 (not dangerous) 2 3 (neutral) 4 5 (dangerous) Your opinion about this file: Web page with more details: Your first name: More process ps: this won't create office problems and just ignore microsofts instructions to REMOVE it and do it this safer, faster and much less complicated way. Dave this file even after deletion, pops up a micrsoft office installing it again and not finding the file..... Located in "C:\WINDOWS\SMINST\" on Windows XP.

I cant get the damn thing to stay out of my startup!! Roy WinPatrol noticed it being added to Startup after I added speech recognition via Add/Remove Programs -Update Office XP Dennis Every time I delete it from the "Run" area of the Finally, Disable or Delete this entry on the Startups tab. How to fix qttask.exe related problems? 1.

See also: Link Erica I use the HP keyboard on a linux and a XP machine I built myself. A window should appear that says: "QUICK TIME SETTINGS." See what is checked whether you checked it or not--uncheck the last two items in this window. Chris I used XTeQ to prevent this task running on startup. Somebody pls tell me how to remove them.

Difficult to get rid of, but if not a resource hog, not bothersome See also: Link Paul M it could be spyware. Jonathan Allen The easiest way to remove is to start up quicktime and go to Edit -- Preferences -- QuickTime Preferences -- Advanced Tab. Bardwell Program came with a Sims DVD-Rom. Steve Not needed in the system tray.

Next time DO NOT buy HP Sazdo It only uses 960k in my Task Manager, check HP.com for some updates for your product(s) DJ This process is continually loading advpack.dll over mick from australia my ctfmon.exe is for my japanese language pack that was installed on a fresh windowsXPpro it's been there ever since.. Do not allow any changes to be made if your computer is online! Good luck See also: Link Ted Iwata It does not install more than 100 spywares.

So I use Zonealarm and kill this process everytime it starts. Register Now hphupd05.exe - hphupd05 process information Process name: HP Photosmart Updater Click to run a FREE scan for hphupd05.exe related errors Windows errors related to hphupd05.exe?

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