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Hp Lj Error Codes


Make sure all paper trays are correctly installed
2. The part of the top door that pushes the Plunger down is broken. 13 PAPER JAM 2686 Only: 1. Also caused by the density adjusting PCA located behind the density adjusting slide switch. Back back to top How did we do? http://batteryuniveristy.com/error-code/hp-error-codes.php

How about the I/O port - damaged, seated properly, pins not bent? 4+/5P/5 The computer and printer aren't talking because of improper signal protocols. Alternatively you can install additional memory if available. No toner cartridge or cartridge not seated. 3. What to do:These faults typically needed assistance from an experienced HP engineer.

Hp Laptop Error Codes

What to do:Try simply reseating the memory chips. Replace Formatter PCA. 79 SERVICE (Document Error) 1. Replace Formatter PCA. 3.

  1. What to do:If it's an older printer then check to see if the tab is missing and if so replace the toner cartridge.
  2. Defective Internal Memory - Replace Formatter PCA, check all cables first!
  3. Check Door Open sensor flag.

This error code and HP error codes 52.1 and 52.2 indicate a problem with this process. On the 5L, set the Enhanced I/O to AUTO (PCL mode) and resend the print job. If the error persists you may need a new duplex unit. Hp Printer Error Code 0x610000f6 This will buy you 50-100 pages.

IIP, IIP+, IIIP Only: 1. 53 Error Unit 1 - Replace memory card (top). 2. 53 Error Unit 2 - Replace memory card (bottom). Hp Computer Error Codes Check DC Power Supply voltages or replace DC Power Supply. 3. Replace DC Controller. 52 ERROR Cycle Power A scanner subsystem problem exists. 5Si/4000/4050/4100/5000/8000/8100 Only: 52.1 Scanner start-up failure. 52.2 Scanner rotation failure. 53 ERROR (Accessory Memory Error) 2686 Only: 1. 53 http://www.hpprinterrepair.co.uk/common-hp-printer-error-codes/ Check PS501 and PS106 (only on the Laserjet 4100) 13.6 Paper stopped jam at fuser. 13.10 Paper jam in Duplexer.

Inspect pins on formatter MIO connection. 2. Hp Printer Error Codes Ink System Failure Full Answer > Filed Under: Printers You May Also Like Q: Are Israeli postal codes different than postal codes in the US? Note II: Short C211 on the DC Controller to bypass Error 50 time delay. (The printer must be turned off.) Note IID: Short C216 on the DC Controller to bypass error Also check motor cable connections.

Hp Computer Error Codes

Try another cable and make sure the computer is turned on and the cable is fully inserted at both ends. http://www.all-laser.com/aerror-code/ Check connector J7 on DC Controller and connector at Fan 2. 2. Hp Laptop Error Codes Bad registration sensor or bad fuser exit sensor. Hp Inkjet Printer Error Codes II,III Only: 1.

Thank you and your firm again, you were terrific. have a peek at these guys Scroll through items until "I/O =" appears and use the +/- key to display parallel and the enter key to select. Full Answer HP printer codes that start with 13 all indicate paper jams. If the problem persists and is application specific, verify proper setup with application vendor. Hp Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827f

Replace DC Controller. Replace Laser/Scanning assembly. 51.X Error Cycle 5Si/4000/4050/4100/5000/8000/8100 Only: A laser subsystem problem exists. 1. Replace the formatter. http://batteryuniveristy.com/error-code/htc-error-codes.php Defective toner cartridge in the Laserjet 4 Plus only.

HP Error Code: Error 57 6L/5L Memory card incompatibility - 1,2,4,8 MB, 5 volt, 70 nanosecond or faster 6P/5P/5 Improper main motor function, check gear train for binding. Hp Photosmart Printer Error Codes You can reseat the connectors to the scanner assembly and the control board. Remove optional I/O PCA, then re-test. 69.x SERVICE 4000/4050/4100/5000/8000/8100 1.

What to do:If you have an older model then reseating or changing the memory may resolve the issue.

Error 21 Print Overrun The print job is to complex. Also check for any partially peeled labels, this can be a disaster if they come off inside the printer. You can also try making the document or image more simple. Hp Printer Error Code 0xc19a0003 How do you troubleshoot an inkjet printer?

Bad fuser bulb. 3. Check Drum Sensitivity microswitches. HP Error Code: Error 24 Job Memory Full Too much data or too complex data for printer memory. http://batteryuniveristy.com/error-code/hp-mfp-error-codes.php Defective display cable, display, or Formatter PCA. 11 PAPER OUT 1.

Check fiber optic cable for kinks or other damage. A: Quick Answer Among the error codes for HP laser printers are codes denoting paper jams, insufficient memory, bad transmission, paper-size problems, sealer tape on the toner cartridges and storage errors. I will continue to look for Scanner Error 20 for you if this one doesn't help you. --Scanner Error 6 and 12 Solution-- Let me know if this helps. @jfhayden61 Check connector J018 on DC Controller and connector at Fan 3. 2.

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